Meet the Founder

Kimberly J. Lewis

Kimberly J. Lewis founded Holy Kiss Cosmetics in 2014. Known as “Lipstick Evangelism,” the aim is for all colors and products to empower women in all walks of life. Kimberly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, from Prairie View A&M University. She went on to obtain her Life Coach Certification from the Life Coach Institute and began work to receive a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary.

Lewis has experience as a Change Management Executive with the Big Four Global firms, Management Consultant at a Fortune 100 consulting firm, Minister and Accomplished Author.

“Holy Kiss is a tool that reminds women that life and death is in the power of the tongue. We must speak what God says about us and what better way to be reminded of His word than through a Holy Kiss? Every day you wake up, you’ve been kissed by God, and every day, we must “kiss back” with our lives.” 

– Kimberly Lewis, Founder of Holy Kiss Cosmetics.